In this kind of today’s modern world, we commonly use the adage that “time is usually money along with money is time” and it is analyzed that today’s generation spends maximum time in front of an social networking site thus these types of social networks highly attract entrepreneur for all the buinessmen transaction in order to be a little more precise we can easily say that few businesses are using these social media sites as the stepping stones. YouTube contains the 1st preference in terms of marketing issues.  Previously companies preferred to advertise inside social websites yet presently social networking sites such as YouTube provides the 1st priority when it comes to the point of giving advertisement. The more sights you might be doing your own personal downloaded video clip, more successful you are in advertising and marketing or rather dispersing the video among the public. 
Many websites promise in aiding one to buy YouTube views cheap on your downloaded movie nevertheless the question arises “will buying YouTube views instead of money really helps in business?” along with the solution to that question can vary coming from individual to individual given that buying “YouTube views” have both some pros and cons. They can be:
Advantages of buying YouTube views instead of money:
· The user will always give more priority to a video with more than 1000 sights than a video clip a number of 55 views. It doesn't matter what logical that your user will always look for the number of views the video got  and then only he/she  will start viewing  the video and thus buying YouTube views but not only attracts other users to view your current videos but in addition it will eventually impart a different reputation for that movie. 
· The particular YouTube management team keeps a strict watch on many of the video clips that happen to be submitted as well as viewed every day. Often the YouTube ranking algorithm depends on the quantity of sights a video is getting consequently the video together with greater number of views will usually have the top position from the search list. After your personal video clip got a specific number (say 1000) of views, you actually seldom need to be concerned any additional in future and that is certainly the causes many marketers initially choose to buy YouTube views in an effort to boost the open public attraction. For more details check YoutTubeDemon.
Disadvantages of buying YouTube views instead of cash:
· Anyone could be punished if you are caught by the Google or maybe YouTube. Often the YouTube and also Google management team retain any strict surveillance on numerous activities made by a person. “Buying YouTube views” in place of cash is often regarded as a new criminal act so it could be possible you have to shell out a lot of cash for the management team when you are caught that may but not only provide expensive but in addition will have a negative reputation against your enterprise therefore you will be advised to buy YouTube views rather then cash for the individual risk. 
 Users, which will pay attention the video for the sake of funds, will not have any interest regarding giving you your own feedback regarding the video clip thereby you will not regret help you to get an exact market fact that will help you to improve your business in the future.



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