In the era of the social networking sites,doubtlessly one with even minimum knowledge on social sites can claim Twitter to be the most recognized social networking site besides Facebook.So it is a very common phenomenon to notice that almost everyone around us has a Twitter account. Owing to this fact,over the past few years many users have come up with the buy cheap twitter followers theory to enhance the popularity of their website. Surprizingly even various outsourcing companies like Freelancer,Elance etc have come forward with such service offers for their customers. But question that is very vital is if it is good if one goes for buy Twitter followers to add rating to one's website.
Mitt Romney,the defeated presidential candidate and even Barrack Obama used this plan while campaigning during the Presidential election. Some news reports also disclosed that 100000 followers were gained by Romney's Twitter account in a single week,thus leading others to doubt the authenticity of such practices. When one thinks of new business schemes,this buying followers can prove to be a significant plan to increase one's online presence with prime focus to get hold of more and more followers to widen ones social reach ability. Paying fees as charged by different providers,anyone might buy Twitter followers to make their own website famous.
With Twitter followers being bought with such purposes, we now turn our attention towards what are the risks and benefits when opting for buying Twitter followers. Some major advantages of buying followers are:
-Increased website popularity:Twitter on account of its unique features and large number of worldwide users offers a promising assurance to make a user's website very popular in terms of the views that it gets. Buy retweets indicate popularity of the user's website,increased traffic and hence a high ranking in different search engines. The promotion in ranking is due to the fact that various search engines like Yahoo,Google etc consider the website's popularity in various social networking sites.
- Expanding one's reach:The more the number of followers that a website has,greater is the customer reaching for the particular brand,service or business. Due to the viral nature of Twitter, whenever a user tweets, shares updates or retweets, a particular business / service reaches more people thereby bringing popularity to a website.
-Cheap cost:Seeing the demand for Twitter followers,many providers have leapt into action to provide Twitter followers to many websites.So there exists breakneck competition among the providers to sell followers due to which there has been a significant fall down in the prices.The different providers definitely differ in terms of the quality of followers provided by them,prices are still cheaper.
However buying followers has a disadvantageous side as well. Some major risks are:
-No assurance of getting followers:Many firms prefer qualityover quantity. Many cases have been heard when the followers remain completely inactive in the sense that they hardly tweet or show any interest in the business which they are following.
- No assurance of being returned investment:Although having large number of followers has an advantage,but it doesnot ensure return of one's investment. Large number of inactive followers are even worse than less number of actual followers.
So keeping above points in mind,buying followers should be considered strictly.



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